sport chic-1 Yesterday I woke up feeling really energized. I haven’t been running for over a year but somehow I felt like going for a jog. I blame it on my pastor who is training to do a half-marathon and a super fit nurse that runs half-marathons for fun. Who knew that subconsciously I looked up to them so much? After doing a few laps around our local park and nearly passing out, it turns out that yesterday was in fact Run Melbourne, a famous annual fun run event for charity! Hey, great minds do think alike! sport chic-2 sport chic-4 sport chic-6 sport chic-5 sport chic-3 Actually another reason why I was in such high spirits is because I finally had curry laksa for the first time in 6 months, and because… *drumroll* We bought our house over the weekend!!! We are so thankful to all our friends who have inspired, encouraged and prayed for us during this long journey. I must admit, at one point I almost gave up because buying a house in the current real estate market is almost impossible…almost. In fact, Saturday was the last day that we could have bought without having a period of “homelessness” between settling on the sale of our current place and moving into a new place. When we sold our current place, it was such a miracle. So I knew that God would provide a new residence for us too. I just didn’t know where it was going to be, when it was going to happen and how we were going to get it. At all previous auctions, my heart raced and my stomach was in knots, but this time, I had complete peace. I trusted hubby completely with the bidding, and he did so well. Although God’s timing isn’t always according to our plans, this experience has taught me to be patient and learn to find contentment regardless of what is going on around me. And as one of my dear friend says “Remember, life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!” Where: Botanical Gardens Wear: Vintage Leather Jacket / Feathers Shirt & Lounge Pants /Karen Millen Clutch / Adidas Sneakers (from JD Sport)