I have been avoiding ‘window shopping’ for a long time because I succumb too easily. But over the weekend, I found myself browsing through Net-a-Porter for inspiration, and within 2 clicks I spotted these Isabel Marant sandals. They are both edgy and feminine. They seem comfy and no doubt will go with everything in my wardrobe. They will even match our new house! Now I just need to justify the price tag… Thank you so much for entering our Fame Agenda Mad Med Coat Giveaway. Congratulations to Taylor, you are our lucky winner! I will be in touch to organize your coat to be sent to you. In other news, I’m planning to relaunch my blog soon. Now that I’m a Mom, and we are moving house, everything is pointing to a new start. In fact, it will have a new look, new content and new focus. I would love…Continue Reading
Picture this. You hear the door knock. You rub your eyes, it’s 10 am. Your alarm went off 2 hours ago but your body refuses to let you up. Your newborn is sleeping on top of you even though he’s usually in his own cot, in his own room. What’s going on? Still in your pajamas, unbrushed hair in your eyes, the previous night flashes before you. Baby had colic. You had no sleep. You rush to the knocking door, and there standing before you a tall, slim, and drop-dead-gorgeous blonde holding a bright big basket of food. “Hello! I’m Victoria from Cupp Australia!” It was a major case of baby brains and I almost keeled over from embarrassment. But Victoria assures me that as a mother of two, she completely understands. THANK GOD! We take a seat in the very messy living room. Apparently baby had spewed over the bed so I…Continue Reading
Yesterday I woke up feeling really energized. I haven’t been running for over a year but somehow I felt like going for a jog. I blame it on my pastor who is training to do a half-marathon and a super fit nurse that runs half-marathons for fun. Who knew that subconsciously I looked up to them so much? After doing a few laps around our local park and nearly passing out, it turns out that yesterday was in fact Run Melbourne, a famous annual fun run event for charity! Hey, great minds do think alike! Actually another reason why I was in such high spirits is because I finally had curry laksa for the first time in 6 months, and because… *drumroll* We bought our house over the weekend!!! We are so thankful to all our friends who have inspired, encouraged and prayed for us during this long journey. I…Continue Reading
Since we’ve changed cars, I’ve noticed that I’ve been paying visits to the petrol station a lot more than before. They say that you don’t realise you have a good thing until it’s gone. Looks like our good old Toyota was good at something after all- saving fuel! Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer my new car, it is a Jag after all, and it has a CD player! But Jaguars are notoriously known for their hefty weight and therefore, their insatiable appetite for petrol. So when Goodyear TripleMax Tyres informed me about their fuel efficient tyres (the tyres are designed to save you up to $500 in fuel) the wheels in my head started turning. Tyres that save you fuel and money, that’s music to my ears! My initial thought was to put the money saved on Triplemax tyres towards a new wardrobe! (pictures from here) Since the return of the Birkenstocks (yes the Celine…Continue Reading